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The Most Important Reasons Why There is No Climate Emergency

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The Most Important Reasons Why there is No Climate Emergency

The current claims of a “climate emergency” are shown to be gross exaggerations. Recent warming of the climate system has been modest and benign, and at the low end of the warming predicted by the computerized climate model projections used to guide changes in national energy policy. Climate model projections of human-caused climate change are based upon the assumption that climate does not change naturally, and so represent an example of circular reasoning. From sea level rise to wildfires to severe weather, there has been little to no change observed which is outside the realm of natural variation. Thus, the “climate emergency” claims are not based upon science.

Carbon dioxide makes things grow. The world used to have five times as much carbon dioxide as it does now. Plants love this stuff. It creates more food. CO2 is not the problem … There is absolutely no question that carbon energy provides with longer and better lives. There is no question about that.


Friends of Science Society is an independent group of earth, atmospheric and solar scientists, engineers, and citizens who are celebrating their 18th year of offering climate science insights. After a thorough review of a broad spectrum of literature on climate change, Friends of Science Society has concluded that the sun is the main driver of climate change, not carbon dioxide (CO2).


Dr. Roy W. Spencer

Principal Research Scientist

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  • January 19, 2021
  • Recorded
  • Live Stream + Q&A

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